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2014 Yu-Ai Kai Nihonmachi Run And Walk

  •    San Jose
  •    Japantown - San Jose N 5th Street & Jackson Street San Jose 95112
  •    http://www.yuaikai.org/
   Apr 27, 2014 10:15

   Apr 27, 2014 12:00
The Yu-Ai Kai Nihonmachi run is a 3-mile run/walk for people of all ages. Families, including toddlers, grandparents and pets are encouraged to participate in this event. It is a fundraiser for the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center in the Japantown area of San Jose. The Yu-Ai Kai Community Center is a non-profit organization that offers a daily lunch program and social services, wellness, activities, day care, and nutritional services to seniors.

This run/walk, which attracts 400-600 participants, has been held annually for 3 decades with the exception of 2012. The course is on neighborhood streets near or around the Japantown area of San Jose and was recently redesigned for the safety and enjoyment of participants and spectators.

Streets are closed for the duration of the event and the route is well marked by traffic cones. Many civilian volunteers line the course to ensure that participants do not interfere with traffic or wander off the course. This is in addition to the required number of police officers who are enlisted to provide traffic control.

The run/walk begins at 9am and will conclude in about 1.5 hours. Slow walkers are encouraged to walk on sidewalks to allow cones to be removed after the final runners/walkers have passed. Two water stations are placed on the course with 2 to 4 volunteers at each station.

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